Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boundary basemaps

Specifically for Sri Lanka we offer administrative basemaps at two different levels and a 2-digit postcode basemap, to be used with Mapgrove Studio.

Sri Lanka administrative area boundary maps:
Sri Lanka in 25 districts (LK_DISTRICTS(25r-2017)),
Sri Lanka in 331 DS-Divisions (LK_DS-DIVISIONS(331r-2017)).
Map source: Openstreetmap distributors.

Sri Lanka postal (ZIP) area boundary map:
Sri Lanka in 26 2-digit postcode areas (LK_POSTCODE2(26r-2017)).
Map source: own work, based on the list of postcode point locations.

what is Mapgrove Studio

Mapgrove Studio is a web-based mapping application that allows you to convert your spreadsheet data (Excel or CSV) into beautiful thematic maps. View real world examples in our gallery.

To join your spreadsheet data to geographic features we offer low-priced polygon basemaps at various administrative levels and postcode areas for different countries, to be used with the Mapgrove Studio tool. All basemaps are very detailed; even if you only select or output a small part of a map (zoom in) the quality of the map remains high.

Subscription options and basemaps are available in our Shop.

Regularly we add new basemaps to our collection. If you cannot find a boundary dataset that you are looking for in the Shop, please contact our helpdesk.