About Mapgrove Studio

Mapgrove Studio is an online tool for creating beautiful thematic maps.

Until now creating data maps was the domain of GIS-experts and cartographers. With MapGrove Studio we aim to creat data maps just as easy as a drawing in MS Paint.

Mapgrove Studio is different than Google Maps. Where Google Maps makes it really simple to display geographical overviews and plot routes, Mapgrove Studio aims to display regional data on basemaps. This type of map is called a filled map or choropleth map when areas on the map are colored, or a proportional symbol map or bubble map when the size of symbols indicate higher and lower data values.

These types of map can be used to highlight / mark different areas in a basemap or color them. Automatically, using data from your own uploaded Excel- or CSV-files, or manually, using the areas in the basemap to emphasize differences between regions. These maps are perfectly suited for the powerful visualization of your business presentation, company reporting’s, sales and marketing activities.

We offer various interactive administrative and postcode (ZIP) boundary maps in high resolution for many countries and parts of the world to be used with Mapgrove Studio.

Mapgrove Studio outputs bitmap images (png) and high resolution vector images (pdf), for example for use in print.

World Population Density by Country
CHOROPLETH MAP: World Population Density by Country
Rondhout productie in 2010 in de landen van Europa
PROPORTIONAL SYMBOL MAP: Roundwood Production in European Countries in 2010

The concepts behind Mapgrove Studio

Mapgrove Studio is based on a few concepts:

  • a map is created from one or more map layers
  • map layers are created from a basemap and zero or more datasets
  • basemap files contain a dataset of their own
  • you may have additional datasets in the form of Excel sheets or CSV files


Creating a map of the world with some countries colored in
Creating a map from my own spreadsheet data


MapGrove Studio pricing consists of a subscription fee and a one-off price per basemap (package). A subscription to Studio (€45 for one month access or €270 for one year access) includes one free basemap. For most users this covers their needs.
Subscriptions, basemaps, additional basemap packages and datasets fitting those basemaps can be purchased in the Shop.